Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today was the type of day that only a stiff drink can fix. Unfortunately, there are NO BOOZE allowed on Chad's food plan for the next two weeks. So, I got home from a shitty day and hit the cross trainer. Definitely not as satisfying as a margarita or five, but I'm proud of myself for not giving in! I also worked out last night after work. GO ME!
Now, I am watching More to Love (more on that later. these desperate girls are making me mad) and eating delicious sauteed mushrooms with gobs of garlic over a turkey patty with steamed vegetables. I definitely need to work on the eating more consistently throughout the day, but other than that things are going well. Today marks ONE WEEK. I haven't decided if I should weigh myself, or just track my progress through jean size? Inches? Body fat percentage?


  1. I say track with Jean size -- sometimes when you weigh you get discouraged -- believe me, I know! -- steamed veggies sure don't replace a good Margarita but the results certainly feel good and I know you love broccoli! Keep up the good work....bee

  2. don't weigh! muscle weighs more than fat, and with all your protein eating and muscle building, your weight might not change as much as you're expecting.

    good job on resisting temptation - you're a much stronger woman than i am. <3

  3. i agree - jean sizes or inches for now. but you should definitely choose a date to weigh yourself. even though it's not always accurate on a day to day basis, it will be satisfying to know how much you've lost over a longer period of time. maybe the two week or one month mark?

    and good job for sticking it out yesterday even though all you really wanted was a drink! :)

  4. Don't weigh, don't measure, don't even pay attention to numbers. The real question to ask.. how do you feel? As long as you're sticking to your plan, that's all that matters. :)