Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've been getting a few comments on this blog here and there over the past couple of weeks and I just wanted to say THANKS! I started another blog a few months ago about my quest for health under a nom de plume.

I felt like I wasn't being honest about my struggles/issues/failures and successes because people I know very well are reading the blog. I'm much more honest when writing anonymously.

Thanks for all of your support, but I won't be updating this blog any longer......


Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm back! After a month and a half (ugh). A few things to update you on;

1) I'm starting a 3 day a week yoga program (SO excited)
2) I'm allergic (recently got the tests back) to casein (all dairy products), banana, tuna, chicken and aspartame. Chicken, really? Yes. Chicken. 
3) I'm no longer signing up for any extreme programs. They don't work for me and I burn out very quickly. It also goes against the reasons I wanted to do this blog. I want my 'get healthy routine' to be realistic and easily adaptable to 'real life.'
4) No more diets. They don't work. I restrict myself, then I go MAD and eat everything in sight. 
5) I desperately need new songs for my workout play lists. 
6) I have not lost any weight/jean sizes. I have gained massive amounts of leg muscle from Ikei performance. My thighs look ridiculous. Ask my mom. I showed her. 
7) I'm watching Bear Grylls and am having a hard time deciding if I would be able to make out with him after seeing him eat huge bugs over and over and over and over. When he takes his shirt off it seems like less of a problem. 

I'll be updating regularly now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whining for Wine

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So, I was in bed reading the other night YEARNING for some wine. Whining for some wine. Crying for some wine. So, I put my water in a wine glass. So lame and not a good substitution. I laughed at my pathetic-ness and decided to take a photo. Then I sat up in bed without using my hands to help me up. This may sound totally lame to some, but I think it means my core is getting super-d-duper buff.

I win.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ballet Yoga

Ballet Yoga with Danielle at Sutra Midtown Yoga was AWESOME. Great teacher, great studio. I'm feeling very graceful, relaxed, rejuvenated and 'good sore.' I'm also feeling glow-y. Danielle had us choose a mantra when the class started. I chose glow. She reminded us to check in and focus on our mantra throughout the class, which was a very nice reminder. Danielle also gave great instruction and mini-massages during the end part where you just lie there and relax. It was heavenly! 

I can't wait to attend more classes there! 

Fore more information on the studio, please see the above link. 

For more information on Matthew and Rebecca, please visit CENPHO for their we are CenPho profile! 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Music Monday

I just heard that Patrick Swayze died. :(

Sutra Midtown Yoga

Matt and Rebecca Fitz of Sutra Midtown Yoga have invited me to try their Ballet Yoga class. I'm very excited! Good thing I have some experience. Ahem, ahem.
Mom, please send my tutus.

I'll let you know how it goes!

BTW, Sutra Midtown Yoga has been nominated for BEST yoga studio in Phoenix by Arizona Foothills Magazine.
You can vote for them HERE!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

last weekend

last weekend I went to see the kiddos (the family I used to nanny for still lets me come over from time to time to catch up on some baby love) in Flagstaff. 
instead of crunches, I exercised my abs with laughing over silly faces.
instead of lunges I exercised my legs twirling around and around with the twins...
instead of free weights I exercised my arms giving BIG underdog pushes on the swings
and by picking up this little one after she got an owie from a scooter spill.
(she switched to the bike...a TWO wheeler :))
but mostly there was just lots of snuggling........