Friday, August 21, 2009

Fail Friday!

I had a bad workout today with Chad. I quit 2/3 into it and only completed one of the two circuits I was supposed to. I’ve been in a funk all day. I was still very sore waking up this morning, which I’m fine with, but listen….
I realize the title of this project is operation: kick my ass. I expected nothing less from my exercise, but I can’t even stand up straight. I’m walking like an osteoporosis ridden 90 year old.
I am not a football player. I do not need to make a team in 12 weeks. I am not a contestant on biggest loser. My weigh-ins do not determine whether or not I continue training with a professional. I am in this for the long haul. It will be far more advantageous for me to take it down a notch and be able to complete my workouts than to (pardon the cliché, but it is literally what I did) throw in the towel and go home.
I have a job. I do not enjoy walking around like QuasimoTAY. I do not mind being very sore. Actually, in the past, I’ve kind of liked it. It reminds me of the amount of effort I put forth in the workout. I DO mind not being able to sleep at night because every time I shift in my sleep my muscles scream at me. There’s a big difference.


  1. don't feel bad. that's completely understandable. you need to do this in a way that you can actually stick with.

    what was chad's reaction? was he understanding? i hope so.

  2. Don't beat yourself up about it. My first week working out I overdid it with the bicep curls - my arms were bent at the elbow almost 90 degrees for like four days. They were frozen like that. Can't tell you how many people laughed as i walked by.


  4. You can do it, Tay. One day at a time...Oh wait, I was referring to the lack of vino! But this applies to the workouts as well. Pretty soon, you are going to be rolling tractor tires around so fast that Chad's head will spin!! :)