Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 down, 364 to go

1 down, 37 to go.
I woke up BRIGHT and early. Yes, that alarm says 5:22 AM.
Gnarly, I know.
And yes, I have a
Disney Princess Alarm Clock.
Possibly the BEST thing I've ever purchased from Target.
It sings, "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
makes stars shine onto my ceiling.
Shut your mouths, I love it.

And HEY, look! That's the sunrise. And I'm not even watching it after a night of being up all night drinking with college friends! Super weird.

So, we started our workout today with the most awful thing EVER.
We took pictures of me in a sports bra and shorts.
Biggest Loser Style.
Not cool.
Then, we walked into the gym where Chad said we would be establishing my
Baseline: Awesome. Baseline. That sounds super mellow.
Like the base in a song.
Steady, consistent, in the background.
Don’t even know it’s there until it’s gone.
I was wrong.
It was not mellow.
It was not easy.
And my baseline is not that great.
It is a circuit to test how in shape you are.
Wonder where I fall on that chart?
Probably somewhere between
Aretha Franklin & John Candy,
I’m guessing.
The first exercise of the circuit is
‘Jumping Pull Ups.’
Ten of them.
Here’s how that conversation went:

Chad Ikei: Ok, you’re going to stand here
and put your hands on the bar.
Then you’re going to jump and do a pull up.

TaylorK: Why am I going to jump?
Is there a prize up there for me?

CI: No. You’re going to jump
to give yourself momentum
so that you can do a full pull up.
Full pull up.
That’s funny.

CI: Ok, jump.
TK: Is there candy up there?
When I jump, will I see it?
CI: No.
TK: Popcorn?
Is there popcorn on top of the bar thing?
I love popcorn.
With butter.
CI: No.

TK: Is there something sparkly
up there to encourage me to jump?!?!
Like something diamond-y?
Did you get me a “First day of Training,”
Chad! That’s so nice!

CI: No.
TK: Is there money up there?

CI: No.

TK: Why am I jumping again?
CI: Baseline.

TK: Shit.

Second, I had to do push-ups. Ten of them.
Third, I did squats. 15 of them.
Fourth, I had to sit-ups.
20 of them.
(I may have fudaroo’d 2 times while
doing sit ups. So embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure
the bumpin' music drowned them out)
Then, I had to run outside
to the fence and back.
The fence is a long long way.
For me.
I did this circuit FOUR TIMES!!!!!!

That makes:
40 jumping pull-ups
40 push ups
60 squats
(I fell into my office chair
this morning because my thigh muscles are jellified)
80 sit-ups
Lots o’ jogging
(walking when Chad wasn’t looking).
Then, I was done.
I took a cold shower and got ready
for work and ate my (not) delicious
breakfast of 3 ounces of beef and three eggs.
And here we are…….more updates soon!


  1. hahahhaa! i would have DIED. i am sooo out of shape. i looked down at my thighs today - they used to be solid muscle...and now there is cellulite. on the FRONT of my thighs. i didn't even know that was possible. ewwwww. i miss high school sports when i just had to work out and didn't think a thing of it.

    annnyway, good for you! this is awesome! and i love you alarm clock. i would get one too except that i don't think levi would like it very much. i'll have to wait til i have a baby girl. :)

  2. 1. you are hilarious
    2. i love you
    3. good job!

  3. dear jasmine, am i allowed to write to a poster via a post? i am still new at this blogging game but.... miss jasmine, this it taylor's mom speaking and i too have a disney princess alarm clock. taylor gave it to me for christmas after i fell madly in love with hers. it is magical. when i visited taylor's house she would turn on the music manually make the stars dance around on the ceiling and walls and on my blankets as a "good night" treat. you should get one. levi will fall in love with it in about a day.

  4. my taylor, i am so proud of you for waking up when it was still dark outside. WOW. you are awesome. hang in there with the jumping up on the "pull up" pole. maybe that nice trainer man will have a prize for you tomorrow. enjoy your almond snack today. and good for you! i love you me