Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm back! After a month and a half (ugh). A few things to update you on;

1) I'm starting a 3 day a week yoga program (SO excited)
2) I'm allergic (recently got the tests back) to casein (all dairy products), banana, tuna, chicken and aspartame. Chicken, really? Yes. Chicken. 
3) I'm no longer signing up for any extreme programs. They don't work for me and I burn out very quickly. It also goes against the reasons I wanted to do this blog. I want my 'get healthy routine' to be realistic and easily adaptable to 'real life.'
4) No more diets. They don't work. I restrict myself, then I go MAD and eat everything in sight. 
5) I desperately need new songs for my workout play lists. 
6) I have not lost any weight/jean sizes. I have gained massive amounts of leg muscle from Ikei performance. My thighs look ridiculous. Ask my mom. I showed her. 
7) I'm watching Bear Grylls and am having a hard time deciding if I would be able to make out with him after seeing him eat huge bugs over and over and over and over. When he takes his shirt off it seems like less of a problem. 

I'll be updating regularly now!


  1. yay! i agree about dietary restrictions - they absolutely do not work for me.

    and yikes about all your allergies! especially the dairy allergies. dairy is the bessssst.

  2. Welcome back, I miseed you. Iheartbeartoo.

  3. Please keep me posted on the yoga program. Here are a few amazing songs for working out, Love Takes Over by David Guetta, Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer, Memories by David Guetta, Sweet Dreams by Beyonce, Took The Night by Chelley, and if I think of anymore I'll come back. I'm doing a similar program called 100 Days of Torture on my blog. Good luck!